Bianca Chandelier


Bianca Chandelier – Bright Gold with Fired Copper
H.900mm, 35 1/2″, W.680mm, 26 3/4″

Colours: Bright Gold with Fired Copper, Plaster White

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Crystal Pasteur Lamp, Large

Crystal Pasteur Lamp, Large – Clear with Nickel base
H.530mm/20 3/4″
with 16″ Tall Cylinder Ice Blue silk shade, H.802mm/31 1/2″

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Salpertini Wall Light

Salpertini Wall Light – Bronzed
H.350mm/13 3/4″
with 6″ Open Back Rectangle Wren satin shade, H.380mm/15″

Colours: Bronzed, Decayed Silver, Decayed Gold, White Gold

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Lollipop Chandelier, Extra Small

Lollipop Chandelier, Extra Small – Scratched Gold with Fired Copper
H.855mm, 33 1/2″, W.795mm, 31″
with 4.25″ Cylinder Slate blue silk shades, H.855mm, 33 1/2″, W.795mm, 31″

Colours: Scratched Gold with Fired Copper, Scratched Silver with Fired Copper

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Miro Chandelier

Miro Chandelier – Burnt Silver
H.740mm, 29 1/4″, W.365mm, 14 1/4″
with 4″ Tall Cylinder Putty silk shade, H.740mm, 29 1/4″, W.365mm, 14 1/4″

Colours: Burnt Silver, Bronzed, French Brass, Bright Gold,

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